Young Girls Who Gave Birth Despite Their Age Limits

In these modern times, age twelve is the earliest or youngest of an age for girls to conceive an offspring. However there are some young girls who have amazed the world and beaten the pregnancy age limit of twelve. Some of these girls are just nothing but a marvel.

Cutting to the chase, the following is a list of young girls who gave birth to their children at a very young age, making them the youngest of all moms in the world.

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1. Lina Medina

In 1949, Lina Medina turned into the most youthful affirmed mother in recorded clinical history, giving birth to a child at six years old. Her pregnancy was formerly assumed as a stomach tumor.

2. Delhi Girl H

Just like her wierd pregnancy, she has a weird name. Her name is just H. She was taken to a medical clinic in Delhi India in June of 1932, and like Lina Medina, it was initially presumed that she was experiencing an enormous stomach tumor. She brought forth a female child who weighed a little more than three pounds. However, she couldn’ t give birth naturally since she was a kid, hence she had to deliver through caesarian operation. She is the oldest amongst the girls, with her age been 11.

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3. Mum- Zi

Mum- Zi was only seven years and four months old when she brought forth a female kid in 1884. She hails from northern Asia specifically the Philippines. However, Mum- Zi’ s kid also followed her mom’ s foot steps, becoming a mother at seven years and eight months old.

What do you think might have made them that viable to give birth at such a young age, let me know in the comments section.

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