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Whatever That Needs To Be Done, Should Be Done Now- Chidi Reacts To Train Attack

The Kaduna state government has completed the evacuation of trapped passengers as the Nigerian Railway Corporation Suspends it’ s services on the Abuja- Kaduna route in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. This was disclosed by the Kaduna state commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs ‘ Samuel Aruwan’ . He said that officials of Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency and Nigerian Red Cross were part of the evacuation of the victims. He also revealed that the passengers who sustained injuries and other fatalities had also been moved to hospitals. He further added that the passengers were evacuated from different hard to reach areas in forests and rocky locations between Kaduna and Abuja road.

A security analyst ” Chidi Omeje” has reacted in a bid to shed more light on the latest development concerning bandits attack and how to ensure passengers safety and security on the rail.

According to him, all hands should be on deck in curbing these terrorist attacks. Below are his words;

” We all know that in recent times, there have been security infractions on the entire part of this country. Kaduna state came to spotlight because it has been hit back to back. Kaduna state seems to be the centre of recent attack probably because of the massive land mass in that area, I mean the ungoverned spaces. I really can’ t put my hand around what is not been done right in that state, because if you look at it, there’ s quite a lot number of military institutions and security agencies but, now and then, we see many kind of infractions. ”

The Immediate Response Of The Nigerian Military Is Commendable

” Of course, I’ m happy to know that the government are not sitting back and watching things to degenerate. I heard the Chief of Army Staff have visited the place to assess the situation and that gives me joy because I like that particular kind of immediate response to issues like this. He directed troops around the area to follow through and ransack all part of the state to make sure that they apprehend the bandits or whosoever that perpetrated that particular crime. And I’ m looking forward to good result in terms of arresting those people who have done this evil. ”

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All Society Approach Is Needed In Curbing Terrorist Attacks

” Also, I think that the time has come for us to pay more interest to our critical infrastructures, we need to find a way to see that we secure them. I’ ve always believed in what they call ” all of society approach” in handling security as this. What it means is that there needs to be a collective sense of security, everybody has to play one role or the other.

” The people around the areas and the people in the community ought to share credible information timely that will assist the security agencies to nip this sort of things in the board. This is necessary because the security agents cannot be everywhere as a matter of fact. So, the people there have to cooperate, they have to play their own roles, they have to ensure that the securities on ground are aware of what’ s happening for them to be able to timely confront these menace. This thing is getting out of hand, I don’ t know what the government has done before, but whatever it is, the thing should be done now. Now is the time before it goes beyond handling. ”

Is The Bandit Attacks Politically Motivated Or It’ s A Coincidence?

Is it possible that there’ s an element of political mischief in this rise in incessant attacks? Just yesterday the Minister of Information and Culture ‘ Lai Muhammed’ was beating his chest on fact that this administration has made it possible for Nigerians to travel safely by rail and then a few hours later we have this horrendous attack. Is it really a coincidence or a political mischief? Chidi was asked by journalist.

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In response, he said: ” When analyzing securities issues like this, I don’ t recon the utterances of politicians because they have a way conflicting issues. I do not want to believe that anybody or that there’ s a political undertone to all of these security challenges, I just see it as the consequence of bad governance, the consequence of a broken society where a very large number of people are jobless. This is true because there’ s actually a correlation between bad governance, poverty and spike in crime and criminality. So, I don’ t think it is proper for a minister to beat his chest in anything that has to do with security because we have not gotten security right this past years.

” Rather, what he should be talking about is the efforts government is making to galvanize public support to our troops and security agency. Also, he should tell us how the government is trying to redesign our security structure to ensure that the police are doing their job, because it does appear to be that every security challenge and infraction we have, we look towards the military and to me the military cannot be omnipresent. ”

The Military May Be Overstretched, It Time For The Police, Others To Do Their Job

” So, I think that that time has come for us to reaccess the duties of the Nigeria police, the duties of our intelligence asset, the duties of agencies like NSCDC, so that they can compliment the efforts of the military. Now, army troops have be directed to go after the terrorist, what about the need for us to have a complementary police force to probably go around and work with military.

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” I do not subscribed to the idea of shifting every society issue we have to the military because they are clearly overstretched. They have serious roles they are playing in the Northeast where we have cross- border terrorist harassing the nation. They also are deployed almost every part of the country, so, what are we doing with our police? What are we doing with our Intelligence assets? How do we synergize this thing to ensure that we get thing right? I’ m worried now because as the NRC has stopped Kaduna- Abuja railway services, it means that the attention of these terrorists will return back to the roads. This should also be the concern of the government. ”

Bureaucratic Bottleneck And How It Has Prevented The Procuring Of Anti- Detection IED

Speaking of bad governance, it was recently said that bureaucratic bottlenecks are being blamed as to why the minister of transportation was unable to secure some anti- detection IED devices. The anti- detection IED is a devices that would detect IEDs and other very dangerous explosives, and If the minister of transportation cannot even make sure that those are procured and he’ s quite powerful, it raises the question as to who is it that we go to to ask for a better security. Below is Chidi’ s reaction to this;

” I do not know what in the world is bureaucratic bottlenecks, we are talking about federal government here. Considering the current security challenge of our country, I think we should be able to factor in devices that alert us when there are imminent explosions. These are things that ought to be in the new railway infrastructure. “

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