Two Mad Couples Who Have Three Children (Photos)

We have heard about lots of  romantic stories like that o Romeo and Juliet. In today’s article, we will be viewing another romantic story but these people are  mad couple.

A Nigerian lady identified as Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi disclosed how she was inspired by the love story of a mentally unstable couple named Samade and Cynthia, who got married for the past 22 years  and are blessed with 3 children.

She narrated that; Before going insane, Samade was a graduate of Nsukka University in Nigeria, where he studied applied physics.

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Every villager admired Samade for his qualities and talents. No matter how Mad he is , it’s couldn’t take away his abilities and capabilities. Passers-by are unable to overlook his dance moves and melodic voice.

Those who have listened and  even watched him sing and dance without musical instruments had wished he wasn’t insane for the entertainment  he brought to them.

Cynthia and Samade were not from the same town. His wife was supposed to be from the eastern part of the country, therefore they spoke different kinds of languages.

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The insane couple shared a house, had some kind of disagreements, and eventually settled without anyone knowing how they did it. Their union resulted in the birth of three children.

Oluwayemisi explained that they begged since they had no other sources  of income. These two lived together for twenty-two years without seeing a marriage counselor or taking marriage classes.

According to the storyteller, the insane couple lived in a self-built house beneath a popular bridge near Orile crossroads. The mad love birds disclosed a means to communicate despite their inability to have a thorough talk.

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Several times, the locals witnessed them kissing and hugging each other. They had a lot of fun together and did a lot of things as a couple. They would have won best couple of the year if they were sane.

Samade died in the month of July while Cynthia also passed on in September of the same year. She was said to have died as a result of loneliness and depression is a well known reputable News and Media Website focusing on delivering uniquely published News, Educational and Entertaining Contents to all users around the Globe. Our main aim is to let internet users of young and old age be aware of what is happening currently online. This website is established under the administration of Goldentech Digital Media(a business named registered under Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria). Be sure you don’t miss any updates on Notjustloaded as we keep serving you quick updates.

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