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Before You Think Of Becoming A Muslim, See The 5 Horrible Things Muslims Are Not Allowed To Do

The Islamic religion is the fastest growing religion in the world, and it is also the second most popular religion in the world, behind Christianity, in terms of believers.

According to the website culturetrip. com, there are certain practices that the Islamic religion strictly prohibits, just as there are in every other religion in the world. These practices are what we will be exploring in today’ s article, which is based on the website culturetrip. com.

1. ) Consumption of alcoholic beverages and participation in gambling: Because Islam forbids the consumption of alcoholic beverages, Muslims rely more on soft drinks.

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The destruction of alcoholic beverages by the Hisbah police force in Nigeria’ s northern region serves as evidence of their actions.

2. Muslims, particularly Sunni Muslims, are not permitted to have tattoos. Muslims, particularly Sunni Muslims, are not permitted to have tattoos.

This is due to the fact that they consider humans to be a divergence from God’ s natural design, placing us in a position of causing unnecessary anguish on the body.

3. Lending money to gain interest: Muslims believe that anyone who lends money to others in order to earn interest is not assisting them because the practice only serves to enrich the wealthy while impoverishing those who are less fortunate.

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4. According to true Muslims, killing is not only done when you attack someone, but it can also be done through your words, which is contrary to what many Christians believe.

Furthermore, contrary to what many Christians believe, the Muslim religion does not promote violence, but it does strictly teach against it.

5. In the Muslim religion, eating of Haram creatures is strictly prohibited, and Muslims should not be found eating these animals at any time during their lives. Pork, dog meat, monkeys, and a slew of other creatures are examples of this type of meat.

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Final words: in addition to indecent dressing and killing, there are a slew of other things that are strictly prohibited in the Islamic religion.

These include cheating, fornication, adultery, and a slew of others. However, we have chosen only a handful of these to address in depth since they are the ones that Christians are least likely to believe. .

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