See How Angry Girlfriend Sets Her Boyfriend’s Pènis On Fire (Video)

Some girls are dangerous so men beware of a disgruntled woman’ s wrath, cheating boyfriends.

A lady burns her supposedly cheating boyfriend’ s pènis on fire in an astonishing video. The video is amusing since it was created by a woman, but imagine how the public would respond if an unfaithful girlfriend’ s vagin@ or breast was set on fire by her boyfriend. That is the way the world works, but let’ s move on for now.

After learning that her partner had slept with her coworker, an unnamed woman determined to exact revenge– on the identical body part with which he had cheated. She walked up on him while he was sleeping, running a camera, and set fire to the underwear he was wearing. In a 30- second clip released by Elite Daily, the man is seen fast sleeping in a white bed wearing only underwear and a pair of high socks, screamed, and patted the fire out.

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A woman, likely his girlfriend or wife, removes the blanket that is partially covering him carefully and quietly. She then takes a nail polish remover bottle and slowly pours some of the liquid over his underwear’ s groin area. She lights the front of his underwear on fire with a long lighter. She walked up on him while he was sleeping, running a camera, and set fire to the underwear he was wearing.

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Her boyfriend jolts up, yelling and batting at the flames after barely a fraction of a second.

” Get your shît and get the fûck out, ” she shouts as he wanders off camera and falls off the bed.

She isn’ t the first woman who has been abandoned by her partner this year. In April, a Japanese woman exacted vengeance on her cheating lover by destroying gadgets worth thousands of dollars.

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She threw his iMac desktop computer, Mac laptop, iPhone, iPad, and other equipment into a bathtub full of water, enraged by his infidelity. The bereft man then took to Twitter to reveal photos of his shattered Apple collection.

This is Fanny and you can’ t even think of it. It is very weird as no believed this happened.

From the best of my knowledge I think the girl is wicked. She went too far.

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