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Secrets You Should Never Reveal About Yourself

As humans, we like to share stories with each other. It doesn’t matter whether they are deep secrets or simply what happened during a particular time especially with loved ones we feel comfortable being around. Sometimes, we lose track of when to stop talking thus revealing secrets about ourselves that these people might use to hurt us afterwards.

Today, many of us regret why we said that thing to that friend and wish we could turn back the hands of time. This is because things never remained the same after. So to avoid being in this situation, here are some secrets you should never tell anyone about yourself, especially your loved ones if you really want to have a peaceful life.

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Crush On Their Man/Woman

This is one of the last things you’ll want to admit to your best friend or any friend at all because you might not like what happens next. First, you might start to lose the friendly relationship you both share gradually because he or she will want to start distancing themselves from you, in order to keep their man or woman away from you. They might also start to feel insecure around you and this always leads to dislike or hatred. You can’t ever tell them if their partner ever had a crush on you else they won’t just trust you anymore.

Regrets From The Past

Especially in this part of the world, Most of us regret some of the decisions made in the past and this has turned us into what we are today. Changing the past is obviously impossible, however there are some things we sometimes feel like sharing with others. We think it would make us feel better but they are better kept secret because they might just turn into more trouble. No one unintentionally chooses to raise calm dust.

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It is important you don’t tell just anyone those things you regret. Some might be inspired by your stories of regrets but you would also be shocked how some may get envious and turn to use it against you. Remember the past is better where it is “in the past” as sharing will only bring back bad energies.

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Do you find this helpful or do you think there’s no need to keep secrets?

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