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“The Person You Are Tapping From Their Blessings Might Be Sleeping With Dogs To Make Money”– Nigerian Catholic Priest Says

Popular Nigerian Catholic priest Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has advised people to desist from tapping into the blessing of people because their source of money might not be genuine.

The discussions of young ladies traveling from their home countries to Dubai and other Arab countries to either sleep with dogs or eat the poop of these Arabs have taken over social media.

According to the catholic priest, most people driving rangers and living luxurious lifestyles don’t make their monies in a genuine way. He added that most of these ladies who flaunt cars and monies might be sleeping with dogs.

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He wrote, “

The person you are envious of and tapping from her blessings because you saw her driving a Range Rover car might be sleeping with dogs to make money.

The lady you are jealous of and asking God questions on why he is yet to bless you with estates and money might be a scammer like Ovaioza.

The guy that everybody in your village is hailing, the one that brought G-wagon to the village, the same person you are wishing to even be his house boy because of the money he kept spraying, in any event, he is invited to might be a ritualist or an Internet fraudster.

You don’t need to envy anyone or be jealous of anyone on this street. Don’t look down on yourself and your labor simply because other people are posting pictures of being in posh places.

Take pride in your sincere and upright labor no matter how little the income might be.

As Galatians 6:4 says:

“but everyone is to examine his own achievements, and then he will confine his boasting to his own achievements not comparing them with anybody else’s.” Wishing you a Happy Holiday!


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