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What Is My Moon Sign? How to Find Yours—And What It Means

Sagittarius moon: These people are natural-born explorers and enjoy doing this on a plane, train, bus, or between the lines of their favorite book. They do best when they are intellectually stimulated, and they have an insatiable appetite to learn more about the world around them. As with most Sagittarius placements, they are travelers at heart. But if they choose to forgo a nomadic lifestyle, they would be just as happy to learn a new language, pick up a new skill, or spend their time on a creative hobby. They are naturally gifted at thinking outside of the box and do best being surrounded by people who are philosophical, nonjudgmental, and open-minded themselves. If there is any inclination that they are being controlled, they will turn to escapism or hit the eject button all together. They do not stand for feeling like their freedoms are being infringed upon and will react impulsively if they feel trapped by a partner, a parent, a environment, or a job.

Sagittarius moon people are usually the loudest or rowdiest ones of the bunch and tend to stick out like sore thumbs in group settings. They love to debate and can even find themselves prone to arguing just to feel even more deeply into their already feisty disposition. Try not to take them too seriously, as they are (most likely) not taking you very seriously either. Life can feel a bit like a game to Sagittarius moon people, and their main goal is to win, however that takes shape. The upside of spending time with a Sagittarius moon is that you are sure to have a good time. And if you are a Sagittarius moon, thank you for making life a little brighter for the rest of us!

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Capricorn moon: Capricorn moons have a tendency to be pessimistic and fall prey to their heavy emotions by shutting down and avoiding outward expressions. This can cause them to become skeptical or mistrusting of other people’s abilities to show up for them. If they are able to soften and embrace their grief, anger, hurt, or overwhelm in the moment, it will save them from grudge holding or making themselves sick with repressed emotions.

These folks are discerning, mature, and levelheaded when it comes to conflict. They know how to look at the bigger picture and don’t often exaggerate. They require ration, logic, strong boundaries, and consistency in order to feel safe in both their personal and professional lives. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the task master of the zodiac, these folks love to feel respected by those around them. They do best in relationships where they are in control and can fully commit themselves to their partner. They don’t like to play games, but until they are certain about a connection, they can come off cold and uninterested. They do best with patient, understanding, and complementary people in their close inner circle.

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Aquarius moon: Aquarius moon people tend to be flighty and somewhat aloof. They are hard to lock down and can struggle with commit to plans. Down-to-earth? More like on planet Mars! These folks do well when they are allowed to disengage, take time for themselves, and dedicate their lives to a cause rather than a monotonous job or singular person. They think outside of the box and usually have quite controversial views. They enjoy going against the grain and can feel like their emotions are unique to them (i.e., “Nobody gets me!” syndrome). Even in long-term relationships, Aquarius moons can feel like they are misunderstood, leaving their partners and lifelong friends feeling confused about how to show up for them. If these folks can dedicate time to practicing self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills, they will do just fine. However, their natural disposition to zone out and dissociate can feel isolating for them and everyone around them.

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