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Jillionaire Biography: Net Worth, Age, Songs, Meaning, Instagram

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Today we will be looking at Jillionaire Biography. Take cup of water and take a seat while you enjoy reading the Full Details About her.

Jillionaire Biography

Christopher Leacock (born April 3, 1978), widely known as Jillionaire, is a talented Disc Jockey, musician and record producer from Trinidad.

He was the former American electronic band Major Lazer member. With Salvatore Ganacci, he released the EP Fresh in 2014 on Universal Music.

Jillionaire net Worth

Early Life

DJ Jillionaire was born on the April 3, 1978. in Trinidad & Tobago,We are not aware of the names of Jillionaire‘s parents.

Various sources claim that he was extremely brilliant from a young age.


DJ Jillionaire began his career in the year 1998, when he joined Major Lazer in the year 2011 and Diplo established Major Lazer at first but in the year 2011 he quit the group, and Jillionaire and Walshy Fire took his position.

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DJ Jillionaire, Diplo and Walshy Fire released Free the Universe, Apocalypse Soon, and Peace Is the Mission, two studio albums and an EP, and in June 2019 DJ Jillionaire departed from Major Lazer to fucus on solo projects, and Ape Drums replaced him.

Salvatore Ganacci‘s EP Fresh, Ants Nests with T.O.K., with Swick, and FI DI GAL DEM featuring Mr. Lexx is one of the artists which Jillionaire had contributed to.

Most of his solos and contributions are saved on his SoundCloud account.

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Personal Life

Jillionaire Biography
Jillionaire pics

There is no information about his relationship status. Jillionaire hasn’t disclosed any information about girlfriend.

Jillionaire Net Worth

Jillionaire has an estimated net worth of about $2.5 as of 2022

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Jillionaire
  • Twitter: @Jillionaire

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