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Fancy Acholonu Biography:, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Pictures, Instagram


Today we will be looking at Fancy Acholonu Biography. Take cup of water and take a seat while you enjoy reading the Full Details About her.

Fancy Acholonu Biography

Chigozie Fancy Acholonu widely known as Fancy Acholonu is a American Based-model, social media starlet, Actress, and entrepreneur.

She was the Ex-Girlfriend of the popular Nigerian actor and also the former Mr. Nigeria runner-up model, Alexx Ekubo.

Fancy Acholonu Biography
Fancy Acholonu

Early Life

Chigozie Fancy Acholonu Best known as Fancy Acholonu was Born on 27th of July in the 90s in Los Angeles, to Igbo parents.

Fancy Acholonu was born in the United States of America but was raised in Nigeria by her family, she later relocated to America for her education and optional school training in top non-public schools in Nigeria.

She Obtained a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management from the prestigious Los Angeles City College in 2012.


Fancy Acholonu kickoff her career as a Professional model at the young age of 15, but she later ventured into business and acting.

She is the Founder of the Popular Acting and Modelling school, named The Fancy Kids, where people get teaches by her who sre aspiring to be models and actors.

Most of her movies was created by top filmmakers in the movie industry.

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Fancy has work alongside with top Actors and Actress in the movie industry including; Anahi Bustillos, Esosa Edosomwan, Kristin Lorenz, Asha Abdella, John Livesay, Keith David.

As a entrepreneur, she owns a jewelry collection and clothing line, business named Zodiacaa, for fashion lovers.

Net Worth

The Nigerian model, Fancy Acholonu has an estimated net worth of $350,000-$900,000.

Personal Life

Fancy Acholonu net Worth
Alexx Ekubo

Fancy Tracy was engaged by the popular Nigerian actor, Alexx Ekubo. But laters seperated to thier own ways on August 2021 due to thier personal reason

Social Media

  • U can connect to her via Instagram: @fancyacholonu

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