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Check Out The Most Expensive Grave In The World Which Is Made Up Of Stones And Who Was Buried There

Death is something no one born of a woman can actually escape because it’s part of life, something that everybody has to live with it whether we like it or not. We’ve also seen the wealthy succumb to it, and the strong and powerful, it’s only fitting that we’re ever ready to respond to their call when the time is due, because it certainly a will, just that all timing varies.

One most important thing to human beings is that they have grasped the idea of living and even dying by doing so they plan for themselves a final resting place after their departure on this earth.
They do So by having a very lavish coffin, some in a way that respects their lagacy by decorating their own graves on this earth before they die.
The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which has now been known as the most costly tomb in the whole world, does not, however, succeed in any amount of decoration. King Khufu, who happens to be the Pharoah of Egypt in the year 2589 B. C. , was been buried under the 6. 5 million tons of stones making up the pyramid.
The Tomb which by then Costs over  $5 billion ($5, 000, 000, 000) The Valley of Kings is now estimated at the cost of 750 million dollars in Egypt, the nearest to it.
Experts are of the opinion that even with today’s technology, recreating this same pyramid will cost even more than  5 billion dollars. It’s wasn’t made in gold, but strange enough, as one would ever imagine it’s simply made up of stones. It is immense in scale, measuring two hundred and thirty meters on each side with a height of 150 meters, and is the largest tomb which can be found anywhere in this world and it was constructed with an estimated of  2. 3 million stones.
Nevertheless, this important achievement was only accomplished by one forced labour.Read More

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