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Check Out Common Types Of Nipples And What You Need To Know About Them

I strongly believe it’s a well-known fact that brea$ts come in all different sizes, shapes and colours, but did you know the same goes for nipples? Actually, there are eight good different types of nipples. Just so you know all of them are normal, and it’s certainly possible to have a combination of two or more types. Well, maybe, your nipples don’t exactly fit into any of these categories. But it’s cool if it’s doesn’t! All nipples are normal, no matter how big, small, flat, or hairy they may look.

Before we start, we need to get our terminologies very right. You most likely have heard the terms nipple and areola, but there’s a chance you don’t know exactly what they actually mean. The two of them together make up what you might refer to as your nipple. The areola is the pigmented round area on your breast, while the nipple is the actual projection. Got it? Okay now, let’s dive in with the types of nipples.

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This refers to nipples that are raised a few millimetres above the surface of the areola and point outwards. The nipple can also harden and become more pronounced when it’s cold or stimulated.

2.     FLAT

With this, the entire nipple is very flat and blends into the areola. The nipple can harden and become more pronounced when cold or stimulated.

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3.     PUFFY

The entire areola and nipple area look like a small, raised mound on top of the breast. The nipple can harden and become more pronounced when cold or stimulated.


The nipple withdraws inwards. Sometimes, you can use your fingers to bring it out, but sometimes, the muscles are too tight.


Some people have extra, smaller nipples. They either look like flat moles or have a

fully-formed, raised bump.

6.     HAIRY

Stray, dark hairs growing out of the areola area are normal. They might be fine or coarse. It’s safe to pluck them out with a tweezer. Every woman has hair follicles, but some people are hairier than others.

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7.     BUMPY

It’s very common to have some kind of bumps around the areola surrounding the nipple. These bumps are been called Montgomery glands and can sometimes look like whiteheads. Sometimes, you might be able to squeeze dead skin cells out of them, but don’t play with them. Every woman has glands, but some people are bumpier than others.


Here, one nipple is been raised, the other is also upturned. If this has always been the case, it’s perfectly safe. If this is a new development, it might be a sign of breast cancer, so see your doctor immediately. is a well known reputable News and Media Website focusing on delivering uniquely published News, Educational and Entertaining Contents to all users around the Globe. Our main aim is to let internet users of young and old age be aware of what is happening currently online. This website is established under the administration of Goldentech Digital Media(a business named registered under Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria). Be sure you don’t miss any updates on Notjustloaded as we keep serving you quick updates.

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