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Balanda Atis Biography: Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Husband, L’Oreal’s & Other Facts


Balanda Atis Biography

Balanda Atis is an African- American cosmetic chemist who came to prominence as the woman that discovered the secret to the foundation that looks good on anyone.

She became the manager of L’Oreal’s Women of Color Lab. She is also a chemist in research and innovation at cosmetics company, L’Oreal USA.

Wiki Profile

Real Name:Balanda Atis
Date of Birth:Born 1972
Place of Birth:New Jersey, U.S
Occupation:Cosmetic Expert
Net Worth:not Estimated
Quick facts
Balanda Atis Biography
Quick facts

Early Life

Balanda Atis grew up in New Jersey, United States.She is of Haitian ancestry and had always had a passion for science.

After her high school education, she obtained a degree in Biology. She also completed her graduate degree in cosmetic science.


Balanda Atis started her career as a chemist in cosmetics several years ago.

She first worked on developing personal hair care products, she went on to formulate sun care products, and then professional hair dyes and baby products.

Atis joined L’Oréal USA in 1999, till 2006, she first worked on masacara formulations before she started a side project at her job with the permission of the head of the company’s makeup division.

Atis and two other L’Oréal scientists went to shows hosted by the company across the United States and collected skin color measurements from women of color.

Through her research at the company, she discovered that ultramarine could be utilized in foundations to create rich and deeper shades while avoiding the muddy finish common in existing products for dark skin tones.

Atis was the manager of a laboratory opened by the company in 2014 which was made in the production of cosmetics for a range of skin tones.

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She developed the foundation that actress Lupita Nyong’o wore in ads for L’Oréal’s Lancôme promotional campaign starting that year.

In October 2020, Atis was name by the Elle magazine as one of “10 Black women making history” and identified her as the “driving force” behind the expanding range of makeup shades to accommodate all Black skin colors in brands like Armani, Lancôme, Maybelline, and Urban Decay.

Personal Life

Atis is a single mother of kid. We can say that she is only focused on her career

Net Worth

Balanda Atis earns from her profession as a makeup expert. But currently Her net worth has not been estimated.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @balandaatis
  • Twitter:@Batis106
  • Facebook: @Balanda Atis

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