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7 Secrets On How To Look Younger Than Your Age

I think women have a harder time with this than men. We all want to look older while we’re young and we want to know how to look younger when we’re old. The reality of getting older is plagued with frustrations – including wrinkles.

Society and mainstream media certainly doesn’t help with that. They tell us that we have to look young in order to stay relevant, that the older we look, the less attractive we are. While that’s absolutely not true, it still creates a desire to appear younger when those first few fine lines crease your face.

 If you’re that concerned with what you look like, there are ways you can slow down the aging process. Here are some tips for you.

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1. Use sunscreen. The best way to look younger is to prevent aging in the first place. One of the best ways to do that is to stay out of the sun! Sun damage can not only cause age spots and discoloration, it’s also one of the main causes of early wrinkles. Cover up and always wear sunscreen!

2. Keep moisturizing. Dry skin always looks older than moisturized skin. That youthful glow really only comes from one place and that’s the moisture in your skin. You should be moisturizing in the morning and at night.

As you get older, use heavier creams as they provide extra nourishment that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Smile more. The truth about younger looking people and older looking people is the fact that young people smile more. They’re happier. If you let loose and have a little more fun, you’ll look a lot younger from the outside.

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4. Stay fit. The “looser” you look, the older you’ll look. Keeping your body toned and tight will make you seem a lot younger. Not only that, but it also helps the way you feel. You’ll have more energy and that alone can help you appear younger to other people.

5. Keep the makeup to a minimum. The more makeup you cake on, the more people can see those flaws, ironically. Plus, young people don’t tend to wear too much makeup. Since makeup can make a person look older, keep it simple and only really wear some mascara and blush with a tinted lip.

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6. Get more sleep. Sleep is everything. The bigger those under eye circles are, the older you’ll look. Getting more sleep can also help your body heal faster and that means your skin will also look better and we all know how important healthy skin is for looking younger.

7. Drink more water. It’s amazing what drinking more water can really do for a person. The more water you drink, the better your skin looks. Not only do you appear more youthful from the glow of your skin, but your body will function better too. And when you feel good, that’s apparent to everyone. is a well known reputable News and Media Website focusing on delivering uniquely published News, Educational and Entertaining Contents to all users around the Globe. Our main aim is to let internet users of young and old age be aware of what is happening currently online. This website is established under the administration of Goldentech Digital Media(a business named registered under Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria). Be sure you don’t miss any updates on Notjustloaded as we keep serving you quick updates.

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